Citrix mouse action details

In the test editor, mouse action elements are located in window elements and describe mouse input. These settings apply to the selected mouse action element.
Type of Event
This is the type of mouse action:
  • Mouse Down: The mouse button is pressed.
  • Mouse Up: The mouse button is released.
  • Mouse Click: The mouse button is pressed and released.
  • Mouse Double Click: The mouse button is clicked twice.
  • Mouse Move: The mouse is moved to a new location.
X Position and Y Position
These are the coordinates of the mouse action. In the case of a mouse move action, these are the coordinates at the end of the movement.
These are the buttons that are activated, if any.

Think Time

Enable Think Time
Select this option to specify a think time for the current user input action.
Think Time
Specifies the programmatically calculated time delay that is observed for each virtual user when this test is run with multiple virtual users. Think time is a statistical emulation of the amount of time actual users spend reading or thinking about an input before performing the action.

Response Time

Start response time for
Select this option to use the current input action to trigger the start of a response time measurement. When you select this option on an input action that is not already linked to a response time, a new response time is created with a default name. If there are response times that do not have a start action, then these are also listed. Select the response time that you want to link to.
Go to response time definition
Click here to navigate to the session element to view the Response Time Definitions table.