Citrix mouse sequence details

In the test editor, Citrix mouse sequence elements are located under window elements and describe a series of mouse movements. These settings apply to the selected mouse sequence element.
Display mouse sequences for
This option specifies how you want to display previous, current, or all mouse sequences in the current mouse sequence:
Current® sequence
Only the current mouse sequence is displayed in the test editor. This option is selected by default.
Previous and current sequences
The current mouse sequence is displayed with any previous mouse sequences.
All sequences
All mouse sequences are displayed simultaneously.
Fit screen to visible area
Select this option to adjust the display of the mouse sequence to the available area in the test editor. If disabled, the screen capture will be the actual size, which might require scrolling. This option is enabled by default.
Screen capture area
This area represents the mouse movements on the screen. If a screen capture was recorded, it is displayed in the background. Mouse sequences are displayed as specified.