Citrix window details

In the test editor, the Citrix window elements contain all user input actions and window events. These settings apply to the selected window element.
Window Title
This is the title of the window as displayed in the Citrix session. Some windows do not have titles, and the window ID is used for identification. This field is read-only.
Window ID
This is the window ID number attributed by the Windows operating system when the window is created during the recording session. This number changes each time the test is executed, but the ID remains the same throughout a session. This field is read-only.
This field displays the X and Y coordinates of the top left corner of the window and size of the window in pixels. This field is read-only.
Window recognition during execution uses
This option allows you to disable window recognition on window position or size. Disable any of these options if the test produces synchronization timeouts because a window changes its position or size between or during test runs.
Parent Window
This is a link to the window element that is the parent of the selected window.
Go to same occurrences of this window
Use these navigation buttons to navigate through the test to other occurrences of this window, for example if during a test the user switches back and forth between windows, or if the current window is modified in any way.


Window Styles
This area lists the style properties that are enabled for the current window. These are read-only.
Window Extended Styles
This area lists the extended style properties that are enabled for the current window. These are read-only.

Verification Point

Enable Verification Point
When selected, the test verifies whether the window returns the title shown in the Expected title field. An error is reported in the test log if the title returned during the test does not match the expected title.
Use Regular Expression
Select this option to express the expected title using standard regular expression syntax.
Expected title
This field allows you to specify the expected title for the window. The expected title can optionally be expressed as a regular expression.
Recorded title
This displays the title that was recorded for the current window. This field is read-only.