Enabling Citrix image synchronization verification points

You use verification points on image synchronization elements to check whether the contents of a screen area match either an expected bitmap or a text string. You can add image synchronization verification points to a recorded image synchronization element.

Before you begin

During the run, verification points produce a pass, fail, error, or inconclusive status in the Citrix Verification Point report and in the test log.


To add a verification point to a recorded image synchronization element:

  1. In the test editor, select an image synchronization test element that you added during the recording.
  2. In the Test Element Details area, on the Synchronization page, select the verification method:
    • Select Bitmap hash code to verify the exact contents of the image.
    • Select Optical character recognition to verify the recognized text in the captured screen area, and then click Extract Text to obtain the text that is expected.

      If the text extraction is unsuccessful, try changing the text recognition settings on the Options page. However, accuracy of the recognized text is not essential. It is only important that the recognized text is consistent each time the test runs for the verification to pass.

  3. In the Test Element Details area, on the Settings page, select Enable verification point on synchronized image.