Changing Citrix recording preferences

You can change the behavior of the recorder by changing the preference settings.


  1. Click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences list, expand Test, and then click Citrix Recorder.
  3. Select the setting you want to change.
    Screen capture options
    These settings specify how the test recorder performs screen captures of the Citrix desktop during recording.
    No automatic screen capture
    Select this option if you do not want the test recorder to record screen captures automatically. When this option is selected, you can still record screen captures manually. This option is selected by default.
    Capture screen every
    Select this option to automatically record a periodic screen capture and specify the time between captures.
    Capture screen on window creation
    Select this option to record a screen capture each time a window object is created in Citrix.
    Exclude tooltips
    When Capture screen on window creation is selected, enable this option to prevent creating a screen capture each time a tooltip event is displayed during the recording. If this option is disabled, screen captures are recorded when tooltips are displayed.
    Capture screen on image synchronization
    Select this option to ensure that a screen capture is recorded each time an image synchronization is recorded.
  4. After changing a setting, click Apply.