Using HCL OneTest Data

You can make the test scripts robust by diversifying test data that is used in the tests to get the desired results. The test data can be added manually in the datapool editor, imported from a CSV file, or automatically generated by HCL OneTest™ Data.

By default, HCL OneTest Data contains certain record types. You can extend it or create a new set of records to be used for your test requirements.

You can download HCL OneTest Data from Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

To start the default server, you can uncompress the archive file from the terminal window point to the bin directory, and run server start HCLOneTestDataServer. You can access the application from the web browser by using the following URL: http://<hostname>:9080/datasynth.

To integrate HCL OneTest Data with your product, click Window > Preferences > Test > Datapool Creation and specify the server path.

When creating a datapool, you can choose to generate data for the datapool from HCL OneTest Data. For more information, see Creating a datapool in the workspace. Similarly, for Datapool Mapper, you can choose to fetch the data from HCL OneTest Data. For more information, see Adding Datapool Mapper.