Adding Linux Host

To check performance statistics of a Linux host machine during a test run, you can add the Linux host source to the Resource Monitoring service web UI.

About this task

If HCL Quality Server is installed on the Linux machine, the Linux host source is displayed by default. If HCL Quality Server is installed on the Windows machine and you want to check the performance of the Linux machine, you must install the Resource Monitoring agent on the Linux machine. For information about the Resource Monitoring agents, see Resource Monitoring Agents.


  1. In the Resource Monitoring Service web UI, click Sources > Add a Linux host. The Target host displays the Linux machine host name where the agent is installed.
  2. Click ADD to add the source.
  3. Select the resource counters to be monitored and click Save. To add or remove the counters later, click the Configure icon Configure.


The graph now displays the performance data for the selected Linux counters.