Adding an NGINX or NGINX Plus server

To monitor the performance of NGINX or NGINX Plus server resources, you must add the NGINX server as a data source to the Resource Monitoring Service Web UI.


  1. Start HCL Quality Server and access the Resource Monitoring Service https://hostName:portNumber/rm/index.html.
  2. Click Sources > Add an NGINX server.
  3. In the New NGINX server dialog box, for Target host, specify the IP address or host name and port number of the machine where NGINX server is installed.
  4. In Server edition, select the appropriate NGINX server by using the drop-down list.
    1. If you select NGINX Open Source: In Path to the status page of NGINX Open Source, specify the name of the page to view the status of the NGINX server.
    2. If you select NGINX Plus (with API version 3): In Path to the API root of NGINX Plus (omit final /3) page, specify the name of the path to view the API root of the NGINX Plus server.

    You will see the NGINX Plus (with API version 3) option only if you are using HCL Quality Server version and later.

  5. In Security, complete the following steps:
    1. If the application server is secured with TLS/SSL, select the Secured with TLS/SSL check box.
    2. To accept the server certificate, select the Trust self-signed certificate check box.
    3. To ignore verification of the host name in the certificate, select the Do not verify host name check box.
    4. If the server requires login credentials, select the Require credentials check box and supply the User name and Password.
  6. Click ADD to add the source to the dashboard.
  7. Select the resource counters to be monitored and click Save.
  8. To add or remove the counters later, click the Configure icon Configure.


The graph displays the live performance data of the NGINX server.