Adding data source controller

Use this test element to control how the data is fetched from the data sources to be used by the test. You can use data from datapool, array variables, built-in data sources, and correlation.

About this task

In the Test editor, the pages/requests succeeding the data source controller makes use of the data source associated to the controller. So, if there are 3 pages in your test and the first controller is placed before the first page and the second controller is before the last page, the first two pages use data associated with the first controller. The last page will use data associated with the second controller.


  1. In the Test editor, select the pages for which you want to substitute data and click Insert > Data Source Controller.
  2. Select the data source from where you want the succeeding pages to pick data and click Select. The data source controller is added to the test.
  3. In Data Source Controller Details section, select Increment for the test to automatically pick the next value from the data source or select Reset to pick the first available value from the data source.
  4. Optional: To change the data source, click Data Source and save the test.