Installing the RM Agents

You must install Resource Monitoring Agent on the target machine for which you want to collect the performance statistics. The agents establish a connection with the Resource Monitoring service.


  1. Start HCL Quality Server and access the Resource Monitoring service from the target machine for which you want to collect performance statistics.
  2. In the Resource Monitoring web UI, click the Help icon Help icon and select About Agent.
  3. To download the agent, click Download Resource Monitoring Agent Jar File. You can also use curl and wget commands to download the agent without accessing the Resource Monitoring web UI.
    curl -O -J https://hostName:portNumber/rm/agent-jar
    wget --content-disposition https://hostName:portNumber/rm/agent-jar
  4. To install the agent, in the command prompt, specify the directory path that contains the agent jar file and pass this command:
    java -jar agent-jar-file --serviceUrl=https://hostName:portNumber/rm --trustServiceCertificate


If the agent is started, you would see 'The agent started and is connected with service https://hostName:portNumber/rm.

In the Resource Monitoring web UI, there will be a new Agents menu Agents menu with indicators about the status of the agents.