Publishing specific results to Unified Reporting

If you have existing reports in the workbench that are not yet published, you can publish them to the HCL Quality Server without running the tests again.

Before you begin

  • You must have installed HCL Quality Server on any machine and started it. The server is part of the product package. For more information about HCL Quality Server, see the HCL OneTest™ API documentation.
  • If HCL Quality Server is behind a firewall, you might not be able to connect to it. You must have configured the firewall so that it could allow connections on ports 5443 and 7828.
  • If you have legacy reports, you must have upgraded them to Web Analytics report format. To upgrade the legacy reports, right-click the legacy report and select Upgrade.

About this task

From the Test Navigator view, you must publish the statistical and functional reports separately. However, when publishing a functional report, you must select the statistical report it is associated with.


  1. In the Test Navigator view, right-click the result and click Publish Result. To publish a functional report, right-click the report and select Publish Report. Then, select the statistical result that is related to that functional report.
  2. If you had added the published parameters in Preferences, they are reflected in the Publish Result dialog box. Else, click New Server and specify the server URL. The format of the URL should be https://serverName:5443.
  3. If there are projects available in the server, select a project to publish the result to that project. Else, click New Project and specify a project name.
  4. In Result Name, specify a name of the result to identify the published results.
  5. In Labels, specify tag names or comments to associate with the results.
  6. For some reason, if the tool reports that the result was already published, you can select the Overwrite result check box and publish it again. Also, if you want to move test results from one project to another, you can use this check box.
    Note: The Overwrite result check box is available only when the selected result was already published.
  7. Click Finish.

What to do next

To view the test results, click Reports on the HCL Quality Server landing page.

You can also view test results by accessing https://myserver:5443/results from the web browser. From version, you can view the Unified Reporting APIs by starting HCL Quality Server and accessing https://myserver:5443/api/explorer?root=/results from the web browser.