Using a digital certificate store with a datapool

You can associate the certificates in one or more certificate stores with a datapool to use multiple digital certificates during testing.


  1. Open a test for editing. On the Common Options page, click Add Datapool.
  2. Create a datapool with two columns that contains a list of the certificates in the certificate store and a list of passphrases for the certificates. To learn more about adding datapools, see Creating a datapool in the workspace. You can use the supplied KeyTool program to generate a list of names of certificates in a certificate store. To learn more about KeyTool, see Creating a digital certificate store.
  3. Select Fetch only once per user.
  4. Save the datapool.
  5. On the Security page, under Digital Certificates, click Add.
  6. Select a certificate from the certificate store that you created previously.
  7. Type the passphrase for the selected certificate.
  8. When prompted to datapool the digital certificate, click Yes.
  9. In the Select datapool column wizard, choose the datapool that you added previously, and substitute the appropriate columns for the certificate name and passphrase.
  10. Save the test, and then add the test to a schedule.


When you run this schedule, the certificates from the certificate store are submitted to the server.