Viewing data correlation rule usage

To see a record of all the elements that changed when data correlation rules are applied, open the data correlation rules log. You can use the data correlation rules log to determine which rules worked and which did not.

About this task

The Data Correlation Rules Log view opens automatically when you apply data correlation rules to a test.


  1. In the Data Correlation Rules Log view, consider the following options:
    • You can apply data correlation rules when you record a test, or you can recorrelate existing test data. To learn more about recorrelating test data, see Recorrelating data with rules.
    • You can specify the logging level in the data correlation rules file, or on the Data Correlation and Transformation wizard page.
    • You can use the Action log level to debug data correlation rules. If the Action log level does not provide enough data for troubleshooting, use the Detail log level.
    • You can view the data correlation actions in the chronological order. Click the Chronological log view icon Chronological log view to view test elements that are created or removed by the data correlation rules.
    • When you are sure that the data correlation rules that you wrote work correctly, use the None or Summary log levels to reduce memory, disk-space consumption, and unnecessary entries in the error log.
  2. Expand the first element of the log, and navigate to the detail that you want to see. Use the icons in the upper-right corner of the view to navigate through the log. For example, to navigate to the corresponding element in the test editor, select a log entry, and then click Go to test element.