Example: Linking substitutions to built-in data sources with rules

You can create data correlation rules to link substitutions to built-in data sources. Built-in data sources include the dynamically calculated variables such as Current Date, Random Number, and Timestamp.


  1. Open a data correlation rule set in the rules editor. A new rule set contains one empty rule pass.
  2. Create a Create a built in data source rule.
  3. Right-click the Create a built in data source rule, and then click Insert Item > Link with substitutions.
  4. Right-click the Link with substitutions rule, and then click Insert Item > Create a substitution. See Creating a substitution with data correlation rules to learn more about creating a Create substitution rule. A Create a substitution rule is inserted as a child of the Link with substitutions rule.


When you recorrelate test data with this rule set, the built-in data sources and substitutions that you defined are created and linked.