Saving manual data correlation in a rule set file

You can generate data correlation rules based on the data correlation changes made to a performance test. This feature analyzes the data correlation adjustments that you have made to a test and saves those adjustments as a data correlation rule set file. You can use the rule set file to automatically correlate the data for other tests that run against the same application.

Before you begin

Create a performance test. Adjust the data correlation so that the test runs correctly. To learn more about adjusting data correlation, see Guidelines for adjusting data correlation.


  1. Open a performance test for editing.
  2. Adjust data correlation as you typically would in the test editor. For example, create or delete references, substitution sites, datapools, or variables.
  3. Right-click in the Test Contents window, and then select Data Correlation > Save All Manual Correlation in Ruleset file. The test is analyzed to determine the set of data correlation rules that represents the adjustments that you have made to data correlation. The Save Data Correlation Rule Set wizard opens. The data correlation rules are displayed.
  4. Clear the check boxes of any rules that you do not want to save, and then click Next. Typically, when saving manual data correlation, you save all the generated rules, because the generated rules represent the data correlation required for the test to run correctly.
  5. Type a file name, and then click Save.

What to do next

You can use the generated rules file to perform data correlation on other tests that run against the same application. To learn more about applying data correlation rules to existing tests, see Recorrelating data with rules.