Viewing references

You can use the Test References window to view, modify, or verify references in a test.


  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test, and double-click the test name. The test opens.
  2. Optional: To view references in only part of a test, select test elements in Test Contents before continuing.
  3. In the Test Contents area, click Options.
  4. Select Display References. The Test References window opens. All references in the test or the selected test elements are displayed in tabular format.
  5. Do one of these tasks:
    Option Description
    To view details about the references in a test Navigate through the References table to preview the references in the Preview area. Click the Next and Previous icons to move the selection down or up in the list of references. Click the Show as Tree icon to toggle between tree format and list format. Click the Show Usage icon to view the substitution sites that are associated with each reference. Click the Bookmark icon to bookmark a location for later review.
    To verify regular expressions that are associated with references Select the check box next to each reference to verify, and then click Verify Checked. The verification procedure completes this procedure:
    1. Checks that the regular expression finds the correct content. Regular expressions can stop working if you modify a test.
    2. Checks that there are no references with duplicate names. Troubleshooting data correlation problems is easier if references have unique names.
    3. Checks that there are no overlapping correlations.
    To find more locations in the test that have the same value as the selected reference Select a reference, and then click Find and Substitute. These locations can be reviewed and substituted interactively as needed.
    To modify a reference Select a reference, and then click Properties.
    To use the regular expression assistant to edit the regular expression used to locate a reference
    1. Select a reference, and then click Properties.
    2. Click the Toggle regular expression assistant push button on the Properties window. The regular expression assistant opens. The response data that is matched by the current reference is automatically copied into the Test regular expression window.
    3. Click the Captured group tab in the regular expression assistant. The regular expression assistant displays the response content that is matched by the regular expression and the groups that are captured by the regular expression. If no groups are displayed, edit the regular expression accordingly.
    To remove a reference Select a reference, and then click the Clear Reference icon. The reference is removed from the test when you close the Test References window.
  6. Click Close to close the Test References window and return to the test in the test editor. When you close or save a test, you are prompted if any changes that you made to the test might affect the integrity of references in the test.