Defining a test-generation wizard

The Generate Test wizard contains four sections to guide you in defining a test generator.

The Generate Test wizard contains these sections:

  1. Test generator selection.
  2. Test files selection.
  3. Data correlation options.
  4. Test generator wizard.

The first page is displayed only if more than one test generator is applicable for the input recording session. The second page is displayed only if the user has not already chosen the test file before the recording.

You must declare a wizard for each test generator that you have defined. A test generator that has no declared wizard is not available in the user interface and can be launched only using a test generation configuration file, which is a file with the .testgenconfig extension, or programmatically.

When completed, this wizard produces a test-generation configuration that contains a set of converter and test generator configurations. This configuration is applied by the test generation framework to instantiate the appropriate converters and test generators and to send the packet stream from the recording session to the converters and test generators.

Test-generator wizards can add pages to the Generate Test wizard by specifying an implementation class in the test generator wizard declaration in the plugin.xml file.

To define a test generator wizard:

Consider these facts about NewTestGeneratorWizard implementations: