Migrating test generator implementations from previous versions

The new test generation framework builds on the improvements that were made in the recording framework. These improvements include the ability to record several protocols at the same time, which in turn supports generating a single test with mixed protocols. The test generation framework also includes improvements in efficiency and scalability.

The test generation API has been completely redefined. You must refactor existing extension code to use the new framework. The following tables summarize the changes to classes and methods in the new test generation framework.

Previous class Current® class Comments
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.testgen.core2. IC2ProtocolHandler com.ibm.rational.test.lt.testgen.core.testgen. BaseTestGenerator The class no longer has to determine whether it supports a packet type. The framework sends to the test generator only packets that are declared to be supported by the test generator in the plugin.xml file. Previously, protocol handlers loaded messages, then processed them in the process() method. In the new framework, packets are passed one-by-one to the process() method. The process() method generates model elements without delay. The complete() method is available for any post processing.
Previous extension point Current extension point Comments
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.testgen.core2.protocolHandler com.ibm.rational.test.lt.testgen.core3. testGenerator