Extension points for code generation

During the initialization process a number of extension points are checked for existence of extensions that define different aspects of the code generation behavior.
These extensions must be defined in the protocol specific plug-ins extending core code generation classes.
Note: Java™ has a 64KB limit on the size of a class method code. When there is a possibility of creating large methods that approach this limit, a check has to be programmed into the code generation extension to ensure that the limit is not being exceeded. The guideline is to generate multiple smaller methods instead.
Extension point Description
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.typeDefDescription Defines language element types that specify their own translators.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.elementTranslatorMapping Defines what AbstractTranslator class extensions are responsible for generating code for code generation model elements.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.structureDefinition Defines the class that perform translation at the script level, the ScriptDefinition class.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.modelElementAdapter Defines the relationship between low-level behavior model elements and code generation model elements.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.modelReader Defines the class that reads the behavior model elements.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.TemplateLocation Defines the location of the directory that contains the templates.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.elementTypeTemplateBinding Associates element types with the text templates.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.elementTypeImportMapping Defines the packages to be imported into the script when a particular element type is used in the test.
com.ibm.rational.test.lt.codegen.core.testProjectDependency Defines the projects and the plug-ins to be added to the test project’s class path.