Common editor framework

Extend performance test editing in the common editor framework. It contains the classes to extend for specific behaviors that will be used by the extended editor implementations.
Because performance testing editors are extensions loaded and initialized by the TPTP platform through the org.eclipse.hyades.ui.editorExtensions extension point, one of the common editor framework functions is to provide hooks and application programming interfaces (APIs) for concrete editor implementations to communicate with TPTP. The common editor framework defines the classes to be used by higher editor implementations. One of the most widely used classes is the TestEditor class, which is extended by the plug-in.

The layoutProvider, labelProvider, contentProvider and actionHandler extension points have been deprecated and are superseded by the modelObjectDescriptor extension point that combines and enhances them. The following table lists the active extension points that you can use to extend the common editor framework:

Extension point Description
modelObjectDescriptor Specifies the type of the object, the test editor, and the general name and icon for the object.
testOptions Used to contribute user interface (UI) elements for displaying the protocol options in the Details area of the root element in the tree, Performance Test or Schedule.
editorAddonEnabler Used to write contributions to existing user interface (UI). It can have enabled and displayed state. Works with the AddonReader class.
searchTypeProvider Contributes a search category to the performance testing Search window. The category consists of object type and, optionally, search parameters.
searchTypeOptionsContibutor Contributes extra search parameters to some other search type category.
preferencePageContributor Provides a way to create extensible preference pages as well as to contribute UI to other preference pages. For preference pages, use the Eclipse extension point and extend the class For page contributions, use this extension point and extend the class.