Registering a model element

The extension point for registering a model element enables the protocol extension to specify a factory class, a class providing test options, and the type of the model element handled by the protocol extension.
The extension point for registering a model element allows the protocol extension to specify:
  • A factory class that contains instructions to create a model element of a given type. The factory class must implement the ElementFactory interface from the load test behavior model (LTBM).
  • A class that provides test level options to the test for the protocol. This class should extend the OptionImpl class from the LTBM.
  • A type of model element that is handled by this protocol extension. The element of this type should extend the CBBlockImpl class in the LTBM. The type defaults to the fully qualified name of the model element class. If there are duplicate element types, the element loaded later is ignored and a message is logged in the error log.



<element type=""/>
<element type=""/>