Extension points for extending schedules

During the process of extending the schedule object, a number of extension points are checked to determine whether they extend different aspects of the schedule object.

The following table lists the extension points:

Extension point Description
com.ibm.rational.test.common.schedule.editor.optionProvider This extension point enables a contributor to add options when a new schedule object is created through the File > New wizard command. The class attribute must be set to a class that implements the IOptionProvider interface from the com.ibm.rational.test.common.schedule.extensions package. A child node, forTypes, must be added also, with the type attribute set to com.ibm.rational.test.common.schedule.Schedule.
com.ibm.rational.test.common.editor.framework.testOptions This extension point enables a contributor to specify that the user interface code display or edit the options.
  • Set the label attribute to the desired label string. Each set of contributed options will appear under its own tab in the editor.
  • Set the order attribute, if desired. A value of zero (0) must not be used, because it is used by the User Load tab.
  • Set the forTestType attribute to com.ibm.rational.test.common.schedule.Schedule.
If you are contributing options for both the Test and Schedule objects, you must create two instances of the extension definition in your plugin.xml file.