Extending evaluation results

Reports are a specification of how performance test data should be extracted from the statistical model and presented to the user.

About this task

The persisting reports contain no statistical data. After a report is created, it can be focused on any statistical model.

The user interface components for evaluation results are the Performance Test Runs view, Results Viewer, Report Wizard, Execution History Viewer (TPTP), Protocol Data view and Properties view in Eclipse. For details about how to use the user interface components, see the "Evaluating results" topic in the product information center.

Besides the user interface components, generic counters and aggregators also enable you to extend the evaluation of results. The generic counters represent the mechanism for specifying the model path of statistical data to be displayed in the Results Viewer. The generic counters are specified with the com.ibm.rational.test.lt.execution.results.DynamicCounter extension point. The aggregators calculate the majority of the data contained in the statistical model and reduce the amount of data that must be transmitted. The aggregators are deployed through the com.ibm.rational.test.lt.execution.results.data.aggregation.Aggregator extension point. For details about generic counters, see the "Generic counters" topic in the product information center. For details about extending evaluation results with aggregators and other classes and interfaces, see the Javadoc information.

For an example of extending evaluation results, see the plug-in com.ibm.rational.test.lt.sdksamples.results.socket.