Extending the load test behavior model

The load test behavior model (LTBM) is a model of the behavior of a performance test in HCL OneTest™ Performance.

About this task

The load test behavior model (LTBM) was developed using Rational® Software Architect and Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) to model the behavior of a performance test. The LTBM also consists of code generated from this model using EMF. The LTBM is extended from the common behavior model (CBM). The schedule behavior model (SBM) that is the underlying model to the Schedule Editor in HCL OneTest Performance is the other model that extends the CBM. The CBM is itself built on top of the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) common behavior model (TCBM). The LTBM plug-in ID is com.ibm.rational.test.lt.models.behavior.

For a sample of an extension to the LTBM, see the plug-in com.ibm.rational.test.lt.sdksamples.models.behavior.socket.