Extending the classes in LTBM

You can create a new Load Test Behavior Model (LTBM) element.


Follow these steps to create a new model element:

  1. Optionally create an interface that defines the methods for the class, including the setters and getters.
  2. Create a new class that extends CBBlockImpl interface and that optionally implements the interface defined in the above step.
  3. Implement the getters and setters of attributes for this model element class.
    1. The setter must set the value attributes of the primitive data types into the underlying model using one of the overloaded setProperty() methods.
  4. Override the addReference() method to set attributes of complex types.
  5. The getter, at least initially, gets the value of the attribute from the underlying model using one of the overloaded getProperty() methods based on the type of the property for primitive attributes.
  6. The model element can additionally decide to store the value of the attributes in local attributes. However, the underlying principle to be followed is that the get should get it first from the underlying model and the set should store it into the underlying model.