Host name '%1' can not be resolved.


A connection could not be established with the host. This can occur if the testing environment changes so that the host name is no longer correct. This can also occur when running a test on a different computer, such as an agent computer, from the workbench computer that was used for recording, if the new computer cannot resolve the host name.

User response

If the host name is incorrect due to a change in the testing environment, update the host name in the test. Otherwise, try to resolve the host name using the command nslookup <hostname>. Run nslookup on the agent computer if the error is happening on the agent computer. If nslookup is also unable to resolve the name, contact your network administrator. If nslookup resolves the host name, but the test continues to fail, try changing the host name to a fully-qualified host name. Alternatively, edit the hosts file.