A Test could not be launched on Driver: %1. The Test Execution Framework was not able to deliver an Executor. This is an internal error, please contact support. For more information, see the Troubleshooting section of the online help.


The Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) infrastructure did not produce an executor for the test. This error message might display if firewalls are active on the local computer or the agent computer.

User response

Disable firewalls on both the local computer and the agent computer. If you do not want to disable firewalls, you can instead enable a firewall-aware connection. For more information on enabling a firewall-aware connection, see Running with a workbench behind a firewall. On the local computer, check the properties of the location that represents the agent computer. This error can occur if the deployment root directory is not specified correctly in the location that represents the agent computer. Check the Error Log for further information on the error. To open the Error Log, click Window > Show View > Error Log. Restart the Agent Controller. Restart the application.