Data Correlation: Failed Extraction Reference[%1] Details: We were unable to extract the value for the reference named [%2], with the regular expression [%3]. This could mean a later request will fail. Please compare the response in the test log to the corresponding response in the test to look for differences that could cause this failure. These differences are often due to problems with the request and may be caused by missing or incorrect correlations. For more information search the help for the data correlation topics.


The response received during playback is different from the response received when the test was recorded. The data correlation code was unable to use the regular expression expected value.

System action


User response

Examine the request that generated the response. The request contains a value that might need to be correlated. For example, the request might contain a username that must be unique to play back the test successfully. In that case, use a datapool to provide a list of unique username values. You might need to manually correlate a value by using the Test Data Sources view. Values that typically are correlated include timestamps, dates, ids, and other alphanumeric strings. If you no longer need the data correlation mentioned in the message, remove that data correlation from the test.