Cloud VU Schedule overview

VU Schedule provides a way to apply huge user load on the application under test. To apply that amount of load, you need good infrastructure support ranging from physical desktop computers with enough RAM, Processors, and different operating systems. You need labs to host the computers. There is good amount of investment required. You can cut down on that investment by running the schedule in a cloud location.

You cannot run a Rate Schedule on the cloud.

HCL OneTest™ Performance supports running the schedule on the public cloud by using the SoftLayer infrastructure or on the private cloud of VMware. When you run the schedule on IBM Softlayer, the test assets are transmitted via open Internet and stored temporarily on cloud VMs. See Security considerations for tests running on cloud.

You can scale up the load for the HTTP, SOA, SAP-Web, Socket, and Web UI tests to run on the cloud. To run the Web UI tests, you must install HCL OneTest Performance and HCL OneTest UI in the same package group.