HCL OneTest Performance overview

HCL OneTest™ Performance is a scripting-free environment for automating load and scalability testing of web, ERP, and server-based software applications. HCL OneTest Performance provides rich and customizable reporting to help you identify the presence and cause of system bottlenecks.
HCL OneTest Performance captures the network traffic that is rendered when the application under test interacts with a server. This network traffic is then emulated on multiple virtual users while playing back the test. With HCL OneTest Performance, you can test applications that use the following protocols or domains:
  • HTTP
  • SAP (GUI)
  • Citrix
  • Socket
  • TN3270
  • Service (SOA)

You can record a certain parts of the application that you want to test. HCL OneTest Performance generates a test out the recording. You can then edit the tests by adding dynamic data and verification points. Run the test individually and inspect the results to make sure that the test is doing what you expect. You can then emulate a workload by adding user groups in the schedule editor. Each user group contains multiple tests with appropriate workload. For example, on a typical retail web site, 80% of the user traffic are browsers and 20% are buyers. Schedules are typically run on a remote server that has high-end configuration. HCL OneTest Performance Agent is installed on that server and connected with the workbench.

You can use the Agent Controller feature of HCL OneTest Performance Agent to debug the performance bottlenecks at the code level. The data collection infrastructure collects performance profiling data for distributed applications and sends the data to the workbench computer, where you can view and analyze the collected data. Data collection is supported on IBM® WebSphere® Application Server and Oracle WebLogic Application Server. You can also import data from IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager to collect response time breakdown.

With HCL OneTest Performance, you can monitor the computer resources such as processor or memory usage when running a schedule.

HCL OneTest Performance provides a variety of reports to analyze the performance bottlenecks in the application under test. There are multiple reports for each protocol or domain.

You can integrate HCL OneTest Performance with IBM Rational® Quality Manager and IBM Rational Team Concert™.