Entrust TruePass authentication overview

Entrust provides digital identity and encryption technologies to governments and private industry. With Entrust TruePass software users can authenticate with secure web applications without installing a digital certificate in their browsers. This makes it convenient for use in kiosks and other public user environments.

You can now run tests against servers that require Entrust TruePass authentication. Roaming mode with TruePass applet version 7.0 and later are supported. Local mode, and versions of the TruePass applet prior to 7.0, are not supported. Recording tests with Entrust TruePass applications works just as regular HTTP recording does.

The Entrust TruePass Authentication object is displayed in the test editor for tests that you record with Entrust TruePass applications. The Version field displays the recorded version number of the Entrust TruePass applet. The Server Name and Port are correlated fields. Click Substitute to use the Data Sources view to change the server or port number for playback. The Application Context displays where the Entrust application is mapped to in the application server. The User Name and Passphrase fields can be substituted with values from a datapool.

Entrust Authentication test element