Synchronization Point report

This report provides information about the synchronization points in test runs and lets you manually release a user from a synchronization point. To release a user, right-click in the report and select Manage Synchronization Points.

The Synchronization Point report contains the following information for each synchronization point in the run:

  • The name of the synchronization point.
  • Time-out Value. The time after which the synchronization point is automatically released. A value of 0 means that the synchronization point will be released after the arrival of the first user.
  • Users Late. The number of virtual users that have arrived "late"; that is, after the synchronization point was released.
  • Users Arrived. The number of virtual users that have arrived at the synchronization point.
  • Current® State. The state of the synchronization point. The state can be:
    • Inactive. No users have arrived or all locations are inactive.
    • Active. At least one user has arrived.
    • Released. All users have arrived, been release manually, or have timed out.
  • Users Expected. The number of virtual users still expected to arrive.
  • Run Duration. The time between the first user's arrival and the first user's release. The count begins as soon as any location reports an Active state, and stops as soon as any location reports a released state. The accuracy of the time might be adversely affected by a large statistics interval.