Connecting to the cloud manager for SoftLayer

To run a cloud schedule, first, you must establish a connection to the cloud manager. By connecting to the cloud manager, you specify properties for the workbench and agent machines on cloud such as location of data center, type of operation system, and type of host manager.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have an IBM ID.
  • Ensure that you have a promotional code or a subscription ID. See About Promotional code and Subscription ID.
  • If the workbench computer is behind a firewall and you use a proxy computer with HTTP protocol and NTLM authentication to connect to the Cloud Manager, you must add the following arguments to the eclipse.ini file and then connect.

About this task

You can connect to the cloud manager from either the Preferences window or the Location Template. To connect from the location template, open the location template and click Connect.


  1. Click Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Provisioning > SoftLayer.
  2. In Cloud Manager Options, click Connect. Do not change the IP address or port number.
  3. If the connection is established, specify the following properties for workbench:
    • Data center: Location of the data center to host workbench. Note that the distance between a data center and your site and the number of hops it takes to reach the data center can make a difference in response times.
    • Image type: Operating system of the computer that hosts workbench.
    • Host type: Specify whether you want a dedicated computer for your test or share it with other virtual machines.
  4. Click OK.