Creating location templates for VMware

A location template contains virtual machine attributes such as data center location, resource pool, and datastore for the agent virtual machines to be hosted in the cloud. After creating location templates, when creating a cloud schedule, you associate the location templates with the schedule and specify the number of agent virtual machines to use to run the schedule.

Before you begin


  1. Click File > New > Location Template
  2. Specify a name for the location template. The template is created. Open the template from the Test Navigator view.
  3. Specify the vCenter server connection details and click Connect.
  4. If the connection is successful, specify the properties of the agents such as location of the data center, resource pool, datastore, and domain for the agent virtual machines. If the connection fails, make sure that the vCenter server is running.
  5. Save the location template.
    Note: When you close the location template the connection details persists and you can run the cloud schedule.

What to do next

You can create a cloud schedule and associate the location template to the schedule. See Creating a cloud VU Schedule.