Exporting report counters to a CSV file

To perform further analysis on test results, export the report counters to a CSV file. You can change the test preferences to export results automatically.


  1. In the Test Navigator view, double-click a run with counters to export.
  2. In the Performance Test Results Improved view, click Export Data > Export Report Counters to CSV.
  3. In the Exported encoding field, you typically keep the default (locale-specific encoding) unless the exported CSV file is shared by multiple applications that recognize a specific encoding or by computers in different locales. For example, if the language on your computer is Japanese and you are exporting the file to a computer with English encoding, set Exported encoding to ASCII.
  4. In the Export type section, select Full or Simple based on the following descriptions:
    Option Description
    Full The CSV file contains all the values of the counter; that is, the values of each counter for each statistical interval of the run. Select Export overall results to export results from the All Hosts location. Clear this option to export the data from each location, but not the data from the All Hosts location. Select the Split output if column exceeds check box and type a numerical value.
    Simple The CSV file contains the last value for each counter. Select the Include counter details in Simple CSV format check box to include the name of the run, node name, and the time range for each counter.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Specify where to save the file.