Managing counters in a graph

To gather additional information for diagnosing performance problems, you can change the counters that appears in a graph.

About this task

Counters are specific in-built queries that gather statistical information such as the number of page hits, the response time, and user load from the recorded test.


  1. From the Test Navigator, double-click the run to modify.
  2. In the graph where you want to add a counter, click the Modify Graphic Contents icon Modify Graphic Contents.
  3. To add counters, click Add/Remove.
  4. Select from the available counters, and click OK. The selected counter is listed in the Counter Details table.
    Note: The help topic HTTP counters explains each HTTP counter.
  5. Select a scale and axis for the counter. You can add multiple counters for a graph based on your requirements. To remove a specific counter, select the counter and click Remove.
  6. Click OK and click Save.