Running a cloud VU Schedule

HCL OneTest™ Performance can be used to run schedules in the cloud.

The benefits of running a schedule in the cloud include access to load generating agents in the cloud, access to System Under Test from geographically diverse locations with data centers located worldwide, and paying for load generation services only when needed.

Before you begin

  • In HCL OneTest Performance, click Window > Preferences > Test > Accounts > Cloud Load Generation Service, enter the IBM credentials and the Subscription ID or Promotional code. See About Promotional code and Subscription ID.
  • In Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Reports > Web Reports, click Security is required to access reports, select the User authentication is required to access reports check box and specify the IBM login credentials.
  • To run a Web UI test on the cloud, install both HCL OneTest Performance and HCL OneTest UI in the same package group and add the Web UI test to the local schedule.

About this task

When you initiate a cloud schedule from the local workbench, the cloud manager starts provisioning the agent virtual machines. The time required to provision agent virtual machines can vary, depending upon the configuration of the machine and the data center within which the machine is being provisioned. Expect an average provision time between fifteen and thirty minutes.
Note: When running hybrid cloud schedules that include agents hosted on the cloud and on-premises, it is recommended that the on-premises agents are defined with the IP address and not with the host name. Problems with DNS might result failure in cloud schedule runs with the check agents error message. For information about creating the on-premises agents, see Running a user group at remote location.


  1. From the Test Navigator, double-click a cloud schedule.
  2. Click Run Schedule. The cloud schedule validates your connection to the cloud manager, account credentials and promotional code.
  3. Optional: The first time you run a cloud schedule with more than 5 users, a dialog box with the IBM Cloud Marketplace URL is displayed. Use the IBM Cloud Marketplace site to request the promotional code and the subscription ID.
  4. If the validation is successful, the cost of the run is displayed. To view the breakup of the total cost, click Details.
  5. To continue running the schedule, click OK.


When you accept the cost, the cloud manager provisions the agents that are required for the run in the cloud and transfers required test assets to the cloud. This process might take some time, depending on the number of agents. After the run, you are prompted to transfer the test results to your workbench.