Changing the default appearance of reports - Legacy Reports

You can change the report default settings for typeface, color, and graph style of reports, and whether a Compare report automatically opens when a staged run ends. You can also display a warning when changing Page Percentile report options will cause data to be lost.


  1. Click Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Reports > Legacy Reports.
  2. In the Test Reports window, select the options to change:
    Title color
    Click the color button to set the color of the report titles.
    Title font
    Click Change to set the typeface and the size for the report titles.
    Use thin bars on bar chart
    Select to display graph bars that do not touch; clear to display graph bars that touch.
    Use 3D bars on bar chart and pie chart
    Select to display three-dimensional bars.
    Use symbols on line chart
    If your report is long with many data points, you typically clear this box. When there are many data points, the symbols obscure the trends and make the data hard to interpret.
    Time range markers highlight full areas
    Select to apply background highlights to reports.
    Use alternating background on tables
    Select to give every other table row a gray background. The alternating background helps make the tables easy to read.
    Data gradient
    The default of None displays reports in neutral colors, which generally will suit your needs. You can also select a brown, gray, or red-green-blue color scheme. Select 256 color supported only if you have problems with the other data gradients.
    Marker gradient
    When you are modeling a workload over time, select a contrasting color palette for markers to distinguish them from the data gradient that you have selected. Markers separate the time ranges displayed on line charts.

What to do next

To return to the default appearance of reports, click Restore Defaults.