Configuring IP aliases for a remote AIX location

To make it appear that a virtual user has its own IP address during a schedule run, configure IP aliases at each remote AIX® location


  1. Use the ifconfig command to create an IP alias. To have the alias created when the system starts, add the ifconfig command to the /etc/ script.
    The following example creates an alias on the en1 network interface. The alias must be defined on the same subnet as the network interface.
    # ifconfig en1 alias netmask up
    The following example deletes the alias:
    # ifconfig en1 delete
  2. Set the schedule so that the virtual users will use the IP aliases during a run; for information, see Enabling virtual users to use IP aliases.


When you run the schedule, it will give the impression that the network traffic is being generated from multiple hosts.

What to do next

You can insert custom code into your test to retrieve the runtime IP addresses of each virtual user. For information, see Retrieving the IP address of a virtual user.