Setting a launch configuration

Instead of using the default launch configuration, you can specify the file name for the execution results, the name of the folder for the execution results, and, for a test, the number of users.

About this task

You generally run a Schedule by right-clicking it and selecting Run > Run VU Schedule or Run > Run Rate Schedule. However, you should set a launch configuration when:
  • You want to specify a name for the execution results, or you want them in a separate folder.
  • You plan to run a test outside of a Schedule, and you want to run the test with more than one user.
  • You want the launch configuration to appear in your toolbar menu.
  • You want the launch configuration to be available to other users.


To set a launch configuration:

  1. In the Test Navigator, expand the project until you locate the schedule or test.
  2. Right-click the schedule or test, and then click Run As > Run configuration. If the Perspectives page is displayed, keep the defaults.
  3. In the Configurations area on the left, click VU Schedule or Rate Schedule, and then click New. A test configuration, initially named New_configuration, is created. Typically, you supply a configuration name that is similar to the schedule name.

    At this point, you can run the schedule if you click Run. However, you will not have created a meaningful configuration.

  4. Click the Test Logs tab and check the default settings. To change the default settings, clear the Use defaults check box and type a file name for the execution results. The product appends a time stamp to this name. To overwrite the file each time that you run the configuration, select the Override existing test log check box.
  5. Click the Common tab to inspect or modify your run preferences.
  6. In Save as, select one of the following options:
    Option Description
    Local This launch configuration is stored in your workspace, and it is not visible to other users.
    Shared Other users have access to the launch configuration; you are asked where to store it.
  7. For Display in favorites menu, select one or more of the following options:
    Option Description
    Run The configuration is displayed in your Run toolbar menu. If you select a toolbar menu at all, this is the logical choice for a schedule or test.
    Debug The launch configuration is displayed in your Debug toolbar menu.
    Profile The configuration is displayed in your Profile toolbar menu.
  8. Verify that Launch in background is selected. If you do not run the configuration in the background, you cannot do anything in Eclipse until it finishes running the configuration.
  9. Click Apply, and then click Run to run the configured schedule or test, or click Close to save the configuration and run it later.