Creating executive summaries - Legacy Reports

You can export information from an entire report, multiple reports, or a single page of a report as an executive summary. An executive summary is a document in rich text format (RTF) that contains charts, tables, and basic information about a test run. You can then open the summary in a word-processing program to further format and annotate the data.


  1. In the Test Navigator view, select the reports, and then right-click and click Create Executive Summary. To export a page of the report, open the report, right-click the page and click Create Executive Summary.
  2. Select the type of report to export and click Next. This option is available only if you selected reports from the Test Navigator view.
  3. On the Summary selection page, select the charts and tables to export to the executive summary, and then click Next. The Summary selection page displays the number of selected charts and tables.
  4. On the Summary destination page, enter a file name and a location for the executive summary. A default file name and location are provided.
  5. Optional: In Width and Height, enter values to change the size of the exported charts from the default settings.
  6. Click Finish.