Releasing virtual users from synchronization points

To record the response time of the system under test at different points, you can release virtual users either all together or in staggered intervals. You can release virtual users from synchronization points during a run.

Before you begin

You must have inserted synchronization points to a test or schedule.


  1. Open the Performance Test Runs view, which shows the details of the run.
  2. Click the Display Manage Synchronization Points Dialog icon Synchronization point icon. A list of the synchronization points in the run opens.
  3. Click the synchronization points to release, and then click OK.
    Note: Typically, the virtual user wait time is based on the time that the last user arrives at the synchronization point. However, if a virtual user arrives after you manually release a synchronization point, the user wait time is instead based on the time at which the synchronization point was released.