Exporting reports to HTML format - Legacy Reports

You can export an entire report, multiple reports, or a single page of a report to HTML format. You can then email the report or post it on a web server. The exported report can be, displayed and printed, from any browser. To further analyze the data, paste the exported report into a spreadsheet program.


  1. In the Test Navigator view, select one or multiple reports, and then right-click and click Export Report(s) to HTML. To export a page of the report, open the report, right-click the page and click Export To HTML.
  2. Select the type of report that you want to export and click Next. This option is available only if you selected reports from the Test Navigator view.
  3. In Specify file path for exported HTML file, select a folder to store the newly created report, and then click Finish. You can set the chart size and file names. Although your current project is the default, you typically create a folder outside of the project to store exported reports.