Transforming binary data automatically

You can configure the product to automatically transform binary data in tests into more readable formats. Automatically transforming all binary data in a test can increase the time it takes to generate a test. The alternative to automatically transforming all binary data in a test is to transform data in a specific request.


  1. Click Window > Preferences. The Preferences window opens.
  2. Click Test > Test Generation.
  3. Click Enable data transformation.
  4. From the list of available transformers, select the transformations to apply to the binary data. If you choose the Convert To Ascii Text transformation on a test that contains readable data in a format other than ASCII, that data becomes unreadable. For example, text in languages that use a double-byte character set becomes unreadable.
  5. Optional: Select Apply corresponding data correlation rules if transformation succeeds to apply built-in rules for Flex applications if the Convert AMF to XML transformation is successful.
  6. Click OK.