Test run aborted   
Execution failure. No status received from location computername in interval seconds.


The workbench has lost communication with one or more agent computers.

System action

The test run stops.

User response

For each agent computer:

  • Check that the playback Java™ process is running. If it is still running, the problem might be on the workbench computer. Stop the Java process and all related typeperf and vmstat processes.
  • Examine the problem determination log for error messages or exception messages.
  • If the playback Java process is not running, search for javacore.* files. The contents of these files might help you determine the cause of the problem.
  • Run tests again and monitor the memory size of the playback Java process. If the playback Java process is consistently running at its maximum heap size, the process might not have enough memory.

If the problem is not on an agent computer, check that the workbench computer has sufficient memory. To increase the available memory, either increase the workbench heap size or reduce the level and amount of execution history.