Test run aborted due to error   
Virtual users have exited prior to stage completion.


In a schedule with multiple stages, at the end of a stage that is configured with n virtual users, there were fewer than n virtual users running. The schedule did not assign enough work to the virtual users to keep them active for the duration of the stage, or the virtual users stopped because of an a different error. The workload problem can occur if you use multiple stages but do not enclose the workload in an infinite loop.

System action

The test run stops.

User response

On the workbench computer, examine the workload for each user group in the schedule. Check that the entire workload is inside an infinite loop, so that the virtual users always remain active regardless of the stage duration.

If the tests already use infinite loops, then the agent computers might have encountered errors while running tests. To determine why virtual users stopped before the stage completed:

  • Examine the test log for error or exception messages.
  • Increase the test log level and decrease the number of users. Try running the schedule again. Examine the test log for error or exception messages.
  • Simplify the workload by running one user in one stage. Check to see whether the single user takes the expected amount of time to complete all actions. If not, examine the test log and problem determination log for error or exception messages.