Creating tests from HTTP Archive files

To migrate your tests from another tool to HCL OneTest™ Performance, you can export tests in the HTTP Archive (.har) file format and then import or copy the HTTP Archive files to HCL OneTest Performance. You can then create test scripts from the HTTP Archive files.

About this task

Depending on the tool that you use to export tests to the HTTP Archive format, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for example, do not save enough information to reflect exactly what happened on each connections. The tool exports the contents, HTTP requests and responses, timings, but connections and SSL information is not exported. Use a tool such as Fiddler2 that exports enough information about tests.

When you import or copy an HTTP Archive file, the product displays a message if the Archive file does not contain enough information to generate the test.


  1. To create tests from the HTTP Archive file, you must first copy or import the archive file to the Test Navigator view of the product. To import the HTTP Archive files in the product, initiate the Import action from the Test Navigator view and choose the File System option in the wizard.
    Eclipse Import wizard
    After the import is finished, a new category HTTP Archive is created in the Test Navigator view.
  2. Generate the test from one of the following methods:
    1. In the Test Navigator view:
      1. Right-click the HTTP Archive file, click Generate Test.
      2. Specify a name for the test, and click Finish.
    2. In the product:
      1. Click File > New > Test from Recording > Create a test from an existing recording
      2. Select the HTTP Archive file and follow the wizard to create the test.
        Note: If the HTTP Archive file cannot generate a test, a message is displayed when you select it.
  3. Select the type of test that you want to create and click Next.
  4. Select the domains that you want to include in the test and click Finish. A new test is generated.

What to do next

You can now run the test. See Running a local schedule or test.