Removing HTTP header from multiple HTTP requests

During the development process, there might be addition of new HTTP headers. To modify the test script in a faster and easier way, you can remove the HTTP headers in batches from the requests.

About this task

To remove HTTP headers from multiple HTTP requests at once:


  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test and double-click it. The test opens.
  2. Right-click the test name, and then select Test Search.
    Test Serach filed
  3. In Search for text, type the header name to locate.
  4. In the Elements to search list, select the HTTP Requests check box.
  5. On the right-hand side, where you can define how to search a selected element. Select the Headers Names or Header Value check box depending on the input provided in the Search for text field.
    Search for text field
  6. Click Search. The Test Editor window displays with the number of matches found.
    Test Results Dialog
  7. In the Search view, select a result (press Ctrl key to choose multiple results).
  8. Right-click the selected results and click Delete Header.
    Remove Header option