Correlating a request value with a built-in Siebel variable

If you are editing a Siebel test, you can correlate request values with built-in Siebel variables.


To correlate a request value with a built-in variable:

  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test and double-click it. The test opens.
  2. Locate the value that should be replaced by a built-in variable.
  3. Highlight the value: with the left mouse button pressed, drag your mouse over it.
  4. Right-click the highlighted value and click Substitute from > Built-in data sources. The Built-in Datasource Selection wizard displays the types of variables that can be substituted.
  5. Select the type of variable and click either Next or Finish.
    • If you select Current Date, click Next, select the date format, and then click Finish.
    • If you select SWE Counter, click Next, type values for the counter in the Current Value and Maximum Value fields, and then click Finish.