Limiting think times in tests

You can speed up playback and the time that debugging tests requires by defining a maximum value for the think time of a single user test playback.

About this task

Limiting think time is especially useful when you are debugging a test. By setting a maximum, you can truncate all think times that exceed the specified value, without having to search for and edit each long think time. No think time will be greater than the maximum you set.
Note: This maximum applies to running individual tests. The limit does not apply to running tests in schedules. When a test is run as part of a schedule, the maximum think time value is ignored.


  1. In the Test Navigator, click Window > Preferences > Test > Test Execution. The Test Execution window opens.
  2. The default value for maximum think time is 2 seconds. To change the maximum think time value, in Max think time (seconds), change the number. If you do not want to limit the amount of think time during test playback, enter a large number.
  3. Click Apply, and then click OK.

What to do next

To restore the original think time default settings, click Restore Defaults.